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Bake like the pros for the holidays

Combine 1 stick butter, ½ teaspoon kosher salt and 1 cup water in large saucepan and bring to a boil.Transfer the nuts to large bowl and add 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour, ½ cup whole-wheat flour, 1 ½ cups oats and ¼ teaspoon salt.

Puerto Rico Mattered at the Latin Grammys. So Did Salsa.

The devastation in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria and across Latin America in recent months was very much in mind on Thursday.” Then came the Puerto Rican rapper Residente performing “Hijos del Cañaveral,” a song about his island’s strength and determination, with a throng of Puerto Rican musicians in front of a raised fist.

Same Oceans, Similar Prey, Two Very Different Necks

Their stout, well-insulated bodies seem like a much better choice for hunting in this unforgiving environment, while the slender, exposed necks of cormorants are like gloveless hands in January.CreditGiacomo Dell´OmoThe team mounted two accelerometers, which record movement, on each bird’s head and body.

Mugabe and Other Leftist Heroes


Robert Mugabe, center, in 2008, the year the University of Massachusetts decided to rescind his honorary degree.”The scale of Mugabe’s killing, estimated as high as 20,000, might not have been known to the good people of Amherst in 1986: Mass graves would continue to be unearthed for years afterward.

East Side, West Side: Lighting the Way, Darkly


From left, Emily Hoffman, Maggie Cloud and Justin Hyacinth performing in “Moon Fate Sin” by Gillian Walsh at Danspace Project.The setting for the other, Gillian Walsh’s “Moon Fate Sin,” at Danspace Project in the East Village (co-presented by Performa 17), is light but misty.

What Christian Artifacts of the Middle East Can Show Us About Tolerance

It has opened at a grave time for Christians in the Middle East, who have faced appalling violence and even enslavement at the hands of the Islamic State.And it steps into a roiling debate in France, where right-wing politicians, especially, have deplored the plight of Christians in the Middle East — though not always with humanitarian motives.

Modern Love Turns 13, After 670 Columns and 99 Podcasts

What happened next became the subject of one of the most popular essays in the Modern Love column’s 13-year history.When the Modern Love column began in 2004, however, the definition of “modern” was arguably different: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat did not exist, and so the daily deluge of public confessionals was still to come.