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Downing North Korean Missiles Is Hard. So the U.S. Is Experimenting.

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Three Layers of Defense Against North Korean Missiles

Washington is responding to the North Korean nuclear threat with a rush of money to strengthen old antimissile systems and inaugurate new ones.Another $440 million was moved from existing programs to antimissile work two months ago, as the North Korea threat became more serious.

Australia’s Refugee Policy of Cruelty


Australians protesting the country’s refugee policies in Sydney in April.This is the culmination of Australia’s oppressive refugee policy, under which asylum seekers who travel to the country by boat are prevented from ever settling here.

Multigenerational Households: Already Home for the Holidays

As some families make plans to get together for the holidays, an increasing number have a head start, because they live under the same roof.The number of people living in multigenerational households — homes in which two or more adult generations live together, or those that include both grandparents and grandchildren — has been on the rise in the United States.

Searching for Sunlight in the City

”In Copenhagen, “we have big apartments for reasonable money, and we have windows where sunlight is coming in,” said Mr.” Continue reading the main story

He was surprised, too, by how old-fashioned some things were in New York.

Andy Weir: By the Book


Andy Weir

Illustration by Jillian Tamaki

The author of “The Martian” and, most recently, “Artemis” has never read Frank Herbert’s “Dune”: “Yes, I know.Tell us about your favorite science fiction books and short stories.

Same-Sex Marriage and Australian Democracy

______The crowd that gathered in Sydney’s Prince Alfred Park yesterday expected to celebrate, and they did — dancing and cheering when results of the same-sex marriage survey showed that a majority of Australians supported the argument for marriage equality.”— Paulo Corte-Real, a Portuguese activist and economist who helped lead Portugal to approve same-sex marriage in 2009A Weaker Right?

Our Elites Still Don’t Get It

The deep covenantal institutions gave people the capacity to use their freedom well.Continue reading the main story

We’ll call this worldview — which is all freedom and no covenant — naked liberalism (liberalism in the classic Lockean sense, not the modern progressive sense).