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How Latisse Gives You Longer Lashes

When it comes to the trend in lash length, long is the one to have.It's a prescription-only lash growth serum that works to increase your length, and according to the brand, can make your lashes fuller and darker.

How to Get Better Lashes at Every Effort Level

Whether you have time for a treatment or need a 5-second quick fix, here’s how to get better lashes at every effort level.Falsies 
There's a reason celebrities often wear false lashes during shoots or on the red carpet.

Sony news and reviews |

Sony breathes a new lease of life into PlayStation VR with multiple game announcements at Paris Games Week31 Oct 2017 Sony’s latest financials show the phone department as the weak link31 Oct 2017 On sale in the UK today5 Oct 2017 If you’re in the US, Sony may owe you some serious money23 Aug 2017 Party like it’s 198930 Jun 2017 Sony is back with its 4K party trick, and it’s only marginally less silly than it was in 201520 Jun 2017 Fast, fabulous and long-lasting, the Sony Xperia Z5 mixes it with the best handsets in the business9 Jun 2017 What are Sony’s plans for its next flagship, anyway?7 Feb 2017 Is Sony’s forthcoming PS4 Pro really all it's cracked up to be?

Mets are joining MLB health revolution with key new addition

According to assistant general manager John Ricco, the Mets are interviewing candidates for the position, as part of an overhaul to the medical staff.But the trend is building in baseball — the Mariners are among the teams that recently hired a high performance director.

One game shows how badly UCLA needs suspended trio

23 UCLA escaped a Central Arkansas scare, winning 106-101 Wednesday night in a game the Bruins were favored to win by 27.5 points, surviving hours after three of the freshmen confessed to shoplifting in China and becoming indefinitely suspended.

Kellyanne Conway: Trump is too busy to worry about Roy Moore

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Thursday that President Trump was too busy focusing on his Asian trip and tax reform plan to pay attention to pervy Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.“The president will make a statement when he wants to make a statement, and none of us should get ahead of that,” Conway said.

Scientists take risk sending secret message to aliens

“In a reply message, I would first want to know that the extraterrestrials understood what we said in our first message,” METI said in the statement.'”
Pressing ahead despite concerns
While some luminaries, such as Stephen Hawking, have warned against trying to contact extraterrestrials, Vakoch said contact is already being endorsed by many people.

Robert Rorke | New York Post

There’s one place you can go in the city to escape our.Endemol Shine North America and the New York Post’s new nationally syndicated “Page Six TV,” which launched in September in more than 200 local markets across the U.

Mike Puma | New York Post

— The Mets hired a new manager last month and constructed a new coaching staff around him, but maybe their biggest offseason change that doesn’t involve the roster.— As much as the Mets are wary of trading from their potential starting pitching depth, general manager Sandy Alderson is open to the proposition.

Maureen Callahan | New York Post

told the New York Times his forthcoming film “I Love You, Daddy” was “just kind of a sweet movie about the twilight of childhood and.Finally, the men of Hollywood are speaking about the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Chris Perez | New York Post

import the heads of elephants into the United States, reversing an Obama-era ban from.You’d think the United States military would know better.

Exhibition pays homage to ‘Downton Abbey’ fashion

There’s one place you can go in the city to escape our sordid little world, especially if you’re an Anglophile: the “Downton Abbey” exhibition, opening Saturday.The Crawley dining room is recreated, down to the menu cards at each place setting (main course: Filet de Boeuf), white china trimmed in gold and the four drinking glasses (red wine, white wine, pudding wine and water).