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“Safer than London!” North Korea opens door to Russian tourists

RU, a Russian company licensed by North Korea’s government, offers organised tours for groups of up to 10 people or individuals “to show the travellers the multi-faceted life of this most closed of countries”.Guests to North Korea must necessarily be “checked” before their trip and will always be accompanied by a guide who will monitor the “adequate behaviour of the tourist and guarantee his safety.

Right to terminate life falls in zone of right to privacy: Supreme Court

An individual’s right to refuse life-prolonging medical treatment or terminate life is a freedom which fall within the zone of right to privacy, the Supreme Court said today.Similarly, tapping of telephones and internet hacking of personal data is another area which falls within the realm of privacy, it said.

17 killed, damage widespread in wake of Typhoon Hato - Chinadaily.

Relief workers on Thursday began the arduous task of recovery in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao after Hato - the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year made landfall on Wednesday, causing 17 deaths and major damage.The Macao government stepped up its post-typhoon relief work on Thursday after Typhoon Hato left eight people dead and over 150 injured and cut power and water supplies to some parts of the special administrative region.

Demand for foreign pilots takes off - EUROPE - Chinadaily.

Alexandre Richer de Forges, 38, had worked for international carriers before joining China Eastern Airlines in 2013.The training of pilots in China is unable to keep pace with demand, and Chinese airlines have no option but to recruit more foreign pilots, which actually places higher requirements on airline management.

IN BRIEF (Page 24) - EUROPE - Chinadaily.

Currently, the Shenyang-based company's industrial robots and other products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions.The company said it has transferred its interest in the
£470 million ($603 million; 511 million euros) development to Hong Kong-listed R&F Properties and CC Land.

Texas prepares for worst as Hurricane Harvey approaches

“All airworthy aircraft are being evacuated to Fort Worth,” Kevin Clarke, a Kingsville spokesman​, told the Military Times.It also moved able aircraft — including T-6 and T-44 trainers — from Corpus Christi to Fort Worth.

Inside Sage Steele’s wild year and ESPN homecoming

Sage Steele’s past year had headlines questioning her politics, her family and her job security.The ESPN anchor starts her newest chapter Monday morning with “SportsCenter AM” after a stretch covering events on the road.

This type of person is most likely to cheat

There’s bad news if your partner is an only child: They’re more likely to cheat on you than someone with siblings.In fact, people without siblings make up the biggest group on the site, with 34 percent of members reporting that they are an only child.

Should Kids Be Sedated for Dental Work?

Unfortunately, it’s not known how many children are sedated in dental offices nor the actual frequency of problems.“What you have in dentistry are reports of disasters, and that’s all we have to go by,” said Dr.

Disney, Ditching Netflix, Grabs a New Key to the Kingdom

But as internet streaming disrupts channels like cable and broadcast, Disney now appears to have set its sights on distribution — and a potential new revenue source.In July, Netflix said that it had achieved a larger-than-expected increase in subscribers, who now total 104 million, and that it was reaching about half of United States households.