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Prime Parking Spaces for People, Not Cars

The experiment inspired a daylong celebration, known as Park(ing) Day, in which people took over parking spots.While each street seat typically takes up two parking spots, the benefits of serving hundreds of people a day — versus a handful of cars — have outweighed any concerns over lost parking, said Shari Gold, a senior manager in the transportation department’s public space program.

Kushner, Harvey, HBO: Your Thursday Evening Briefing

”Both groups have millions of participants, but are facing declining membership, so the Boy Scouts’ consideration of expanding programming for girls appears to the Girl Scouts like an existential threat.The much-hyped boxing match set for Saturday night in Las Vegas between Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Bridge of Grand Ambitions Is Set to Open at the Tappan Zee

— After two decades of dithering by government officials and four years of herculean drilling, pounding, hauling and lifting by 7,000 workers, a new 3.1-mile bridge is set to open at the Tappan Zee in the early hours of Saturday, the first crossing on that scale that has been built in the New York region in more than half a century.

Sea Stars Are More Brutal Than They Look

Though some of the permanence of these carefully placed stones is illusory, they are a mecca for a variety of sea creatures.On hot days in August, they can be just as attractive to humans interested in gazing at sea stars.

Opinion | On Afghanistan, There’s No Way Out

As many as 42,000 Taliban and other insurgents have been killed and another 19,000 wounded in fighting since 2001, according to one rough 2016 estimate.The United States has also carried out more than 400 drone strikes in Pakistan, decimating Al Qaeda’s core leadership.