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Opinion | Why Trump Can’t Pardon Arpaio

But if the president can employ the pardon power to circumvent constitutional protections of liberty, there is very little left of the constitutional checks on presidential power.I am not suggesting that the pardon power itself provides for a due process exception.

Is McGregor Safe Fighting Mayweather? Ringside Physicians Say No

“If you’re going to take the position that Conor has never had an amateur or professional fight, then I’m not going to change your mind,” Bennett said.”Steele said he would be inclined to stop the fight more quickly than he normally would if McGregor appeared to be in trouble, considering McGregor’s lack of boxing experience.

Opinion | Can India Stop Its Children From Dying?

Patients traveled across the country to seek health care in big cities, living on sidewalks for weeks, waiting — and sometimes dying — before they got an appointment.Unlike in the United States, where health policies can hold the political stage, health care in India has never been an electoral issue.

Why Settle for a Brew When There’s a Whole Brewery?

“I didn’t want to brew under anyone else’s thumb,” said Chris Cuzme, formerly of Gun Hill Brewing and 508 GastroBrewery, among others.He has partnered with the lawyer David Scharfstein to found Fifth Hammer Brewing Company, which will open a brewery and taproom next month in Long Island City, Queens.

Ukraine, Catalonia, Champions League: Your Friday Briefing

In soccer news, the draw for the group stage of this season’s UEFA Champions League put Real Madrid, Tottenham and Dortmund in the same group.[The New York Times]• Prosecutors in Denmark seek murder charges against Peter Madsen, the Danish inventor arrested in the death of a Swedish journalist onboard his submarine.

How Roger Federer Upgraded His Game

But while the world had little doubt Federer was done, Federer himself thought otherwise and plotted his return.Seeing Federer hit a two-hander makes you feel like a witness to a double felony, a crime against both art and nature.

Bridge of Grand Ambitions Is Set to Open at the Tappan Zee

— After two decades of dithering by government officials and four years of herculean drilling, pounding, hauling and lifting by 7,000 workers, a new 3.1-mile bridge is set to open at the Tappan Zee in the early hours of Saturday, the first crossing on that scale that has been built in the New York region in more than half a century.