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Hurricane Harvey Strikes a Powerful Blow to Texas, and Lingers

The storm made landfall in this coastal city, ripping away roofs, leveling palm trees and road signs, and turning ranch land into lakes.Wax said Saturday that conditions were too dangerous to send out emergency officials but that an initial review, as the storm’s eye passed overnight, had found “widespread damage.

Charles R. Bentley, 87, Pioneer of Polar Science, Is Dead

Now known as the Bentley Subglacial Trench, it is the deepest spot on Earth not covered by ocean.“Charlie Bentley was the absolute polar scientist, going where nobody else had gone and measuring what nobody else had measured,” Richard Alley, a former student of Professor Bentley’s and now a geoscientist at Penn State University, wrote in an email.

Opinion | The Rush to Exploit the Arctic

The passage of a specially built Russian tanker carrying liquefied natural gas through the warming Arctic without an icebreaker escort marks a critical milestone in a centuries-old yearning for a shorter, faster route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.But it is not without irony that trade in a fossil fuel should be a major beneficiary of the climate change for which fossil fuels are largely responsible.