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Thanksgiving Travel Numbers Rising Once Again

With almost 51 million travelers expected to hit the roads, skies, rails and waterways, the 2017 holiday weekend is shaping up to see the highest Thanksgiving travel volume since 2005, an increase of 1.95 million travelers expected to fly and another 1.

10 of the Most Beautiful Sea Caves in the World

Mother Nature sure knows how to show off with these gorgeous sea caves around the world.Ayia Napa Sea Caves—Ayia Napa, Cyprus

You won't find yourself bored at the Ayia Napa Sea Caves in Cyprus.

41 Insane Facts You Definitely Don't Know About Disneyland

41 Insane Facts You Definitely Don't Know About Disneyland

Originally, Walt Disney envisioned Disneyland in Burbank, CA, right across the street from Walt Disney Studios.There's a secret apartment hidden in Disneyland's fire station.

The World's Most Beautiful Pink Sand Beaches

Pantai Merah, Komodo Island, Indonesia

Aside from being home to the world’s largest lizard (the Komodo dragon), Komodo Island in Indonesia is also home to Pantai Merah, a stunning pink sand beach.The vast stretch of sand shows a gradient of pink hues, which are essentially a mixture of white and red sands teeming with microscopic rose-colored marine animals.

Things to see inside the Museum of the Bible

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An exhibit discussing slavery and the Bible in the United States is displayed inside the Museum of the Bible, Monday, Oct.POP CULTUREThe museum aims to highlight how the Bible has influenced people in ways they may not realize.

The Best Warm Weather Escapes From The Gloom

Lucia, Caribbean Islands

From the beautiful palm-fringed beaches to the iconic Piton Mountains, Saint Lucia has everything you’d want in a warm weather escape.Home to volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, luxury resorts and fishing villages, the island's exotic beauty is breathtaking.

The Surprising Difference Between Affluent and Luxury Travelers

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It’s easy to confuse “affluent” travelers with “luxury travelers” but findings from the newly-released MMGY 2017 – 2018 Luxury Travelers Paper show they are simply not the same.In addition, luxury travelers plan to spend 68 percent more on leisure travel than affluent travelers during the next 12 months.

9 US Cities That Will Make You Feel Like You're in Europe

9 US Cities That Will Make You Feel Like You're in Europe

While seemingly everyone wants to jet-set off to Europe for a grand adventure, there are a few towns in the US that bring the adventure closer to home.From Germany to Greece, the US has some amazing places that look almost identical to the real thing.

The 12 Trendiest Travel Destinations of 2017

The 12 Trendiest Travel Destinations of 2017

Throughout 2017, travelers took on new adventures to discover the trendiest destinations and best places to go around the world.We've compiled a list of this year's most popular travel hot spots that are buzzing all over social media.

2017’s Best Winter Holiday Destinations

2017’s Best Winter Holiday Destinations

WalletHub’s analysts developed a ranking of the cheapest U.Those of you who love winter adventures will have a lot of fun as you will find an abundance of cold-weather activities.

20 Best Warm Weather Vacation Destinations

San Antonio, Texas

Winter is undeniably the best time to visit San Antonio, as the festive city burns even brighter over the holidays.Granada, Nicaragua

If you’re more into surfing than snowboarding, Nicaragua is where you need to spend the season.

The Best Time of Day to Fly

But one thing we've always wondered was whether or not there's some secret we're missing when it comes to the best time of day to take a flight.Is there even such a thing as a perfect flight time?

Flight Lands With Bird Stuck in Nose

(photo via Flickr/Lieutenant Elizabeth Crapo, NOAA Corps)

Bird strikes are not uncommon for commercial flights.However, rarely if ever has a bird become lodged in a plane's nose.

Airbnb acquires Accomable to offer home rentals for disabled travelers

The deal includes adding to the Airbnb website Accomable's roughly 1,100 house and apartment listings that can accommodate guests with physical disabilities, the companies said.San Francisco-based Airbnb lists more than 4 million houses, apartments, rooms, boats and other accommodations that guests rent directly from the owners, and Airbnb takes a cut of the fee.