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Inside Lizzie Borden’s House of Horror

It’s a festering house, pullulating and fetid, alive with rage, resentment, hatred and incestuous hunger: “Lizzie gave a small lip bite, tasted herself.”The Borden house is, in short, a house of horror, as in its way is Lizzie Borden’s psyche.

Your Go-To Guide for Dorm Room Essentials

• Because you’ll probably end up doing most of your work in bed, it helps to have a decent lap desk.• A mini-fridge can make a Spartan dorm room feel more like home, not to mention keep leftovers from turning into a science experiment.

The Strange Politics of ‘Classified’ Information

Some of what was ‘‘classified’’ under the new system involved vital intelligence matters: military plans, weapons technology, the names of informants overseas.But government officials also claimed the right to conduct sensitive negotiations in confidence, and the system rapidly expanded to include routine bureaucratic business.

Village Voice to End Print Publication

The Village Voice, the left-leaning independent weekly New York City newspaper, announced on Tuesday that it will end print publication.The paper’s owner, Peter Barbey, said in a statement that the move was intended to revitalize the 62-year-old Voice by concentrating on other forms and to reach its audience every day rather than once a week.

More Young People Are Dying of Colon Cancer

The findings add to the urgency to find reliable ways to detect colorectal cancer early in young people.Looking for colon cancer in young people is like looking for a needle in a haystack — you’d have to screen a lot of people to detect even a small number of cancers or precancerous polyps.