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Does a Building’s Age Affect the Rent?

Just as a spate of new housing units comes to market in New York City — the newborn sheen and amenities accompanied by premium rents — a study by the website RentHop offers a look at the relationship between a building’s age and the rents charged.Among newer buildings, it found, rents decreased as a building’s age increased.

Opinion | What Moderates Believe

The moderate is prudent and temperate about political life because he is so passionate about emotional, spiritual and intellectual life.They believe creativity happens when you merge galaxies of belief that seem at first blush incompatible.

At New York Museums, Staffs Are More Diverse Than Boards

”As part of the city’s new “cultural plan,” released last month, the 33 museums and arts groups in or on city-owned property — which now receive about 63 percent of the $188.Finkelpearl said the funding formula for the main 33 arts groups would likely resemble that of CultureStat, implemented under Mayor Michael R.

Should I Turn in My Tax-Cheating Relative?

Meanwhile, this student has lost another year in which she should have made great strides in learning to read.On the other hand, this is not your only tutee, and the school is, you say, good for many students, all things considered.

Trump Will Meet Border Patrol Officials Before Rally in Arizona

WASHINGTON — President Trump on Tuesday will meet with Border Patrol officials in Arizona before attending a campaign-style rally, as he seeks to move past one of the most difficult stretches of his controversy-roiled presidency.Trump will survey border equipment in Yuma and meet with members of the military before heading to his rally in Phoenix.

When Bragging About Your Home Is Also Your Job

“After I graduated from high school, I spent a year looking at how people grew their followings,” said Ms.The couple are also the social media managers for Herald Towers, at 50 West 34th Street, where they live, planning and shooting posts for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.