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Opinion | Let Consumers Sue Companies

Not only do group lawsuits help consumers recover money they otherwise would forfeit, but they also protect many more consumers by halting and deterring harmful behavior.For example, when banks reordered bank debits to charge more overdraft fees, consumers sued and recovered $1 billion.

A Total Solar Eclipse Leaves a Nation in Awe

Michael and Nancy Worstell, 71 and 73 years old, clutched each other, beamed and laughed as totality began.Worstell, who like his wife is deaf, explained — by writing on a pad — that he had always regretted that the last total eclipse in Portland, in 1979, took place under cloudy skies.

Opinion | Why Vietnam Was Unwinnable

There is a broad consensus among professional historians that the Vietnam War was effectively unwinnable.Clarke, whose book “Advice and Support: The Final Years, 1965-1973” highlights the irrevocable problems that frustrated American policy and strategy in South Vietnam.

What to Know Ahead of Trump’s Rally in Arizona

The Phoenix New Times reported that one group associated with the anti-fascist, or antifa, movement had called for “an anti-fascist & anti-colonial contingent against Trump’s rally” on Tuesday.“And it is hurting largely because Trump has doused racial tensions with gasoline.