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Europeans Won't Let Terror Spoil Their Vacations, TUI Says

Europeans will carry on traveling largely as normal following this week’s terrorist attacks in and around Barcelona, according to TUI AG, the region’s biggest holiday company.“Most people are saying I won’t change my behavior,” he said.

Solar Eclipse Awes America With a Glimpse of Totality

Millions of Americans across a 70-mile-wide swath from Oregon to South Carolina on Monday watched the moon pass in front of the sun and, ultimately, cover it altogether, except for a fiery nimbus at its edge.Millions more outside the path of totality beheld a partial eclipse, still stunning as the moon took a healthy bite of our star.

Mnuchin’s Wife Is Paying Her Own Way on Treasury Trips, Official Says

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and his wife are reimbursing the government for transportation costs when she travels with him on official business, a department official said.On social media, Linton, responding to an Oregon woman who criticized her “little getaway,” wrote “I’m pretty sure we paid more taxes toward our day trip than you did.

Secret Services Checks Unattended Package At White House

Washington (AP) -- The Secret Service and Washington police are investigating a package left near a White House fence.The Secret Service stated on Twitter Tuesday that, with local law enforcement, they were "responding to an unattended package near the North Fence of the @WhiteHouse Complex.

Cheerleading Is a $2 Billion U.S. Industry, Varsity Says

Jeff Webb, founder and chairman of Varsity Spirt, the world’s largest cheerleading-uniform company, talks about being the biggest company in the $2 billion industry and his plans for an untapped global market., the creator of Spin, Gear and Discover Media, discusses his new travel site, WONDERLUSTtravel.

U.S. Warns Citizens About Traveling to Cancun

State Department warned its citizens about traveling to parts of Mexico including Cancun and Playa del Carmen, as homicides rise at resorts popular with American tourists.The only warning for Quintana Roo in a December statement was about lack of cellular and Internet service in some areas.

In an Arkansas Town, Music Is Key to a Comeback

The amphitheater and music hall will be venues for music concerts by both famous and lesser-known artists and also for touring Broadway shows.The effort to revitalize El Dorado pulled you out of retirement.

A Day at the Beach in, Yes, Gary, Indiana

, is rooted at the bottom of the U-shaped curve of Lake Michigan, a region of crisscrossing highways, casinos and forests of smokestacks.The beach, very much not an illusion, is a foreign image to the industrial norms of northwest Indiana.

Airports (Like Carriers) Use Twitter to Ease Travelers’ Concerns

The most recent study on airports and social media, “The Power of Social Media for Airports,” conducted in 2013 by the management consultants LeighFisher, found that nearly a third of airports worldwide maintained Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts.Samantha Aguilar, a corporate travel manager in Phoenix, said social media makes her job easier by enabling her to anticipate problems for employees flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor.

When the Delayed Passenger Is a Potbellied Pig

The Ark replaced the airport’s old animal terminal, Vetport, a run-down barn a couple of miles away.“It was an abomination,” said Paul Weygand of Mersant International, a courier with offices just outside the airport’s border.

How to Save Money on a Trip to Britain

A luxury vacation to the United Kingdom isn’t only for the deep-pocketed set, said Nicola Butler, the owner of NoteWorthy, a London travel company specializing in upscale trips around Britain.Save money, and get some exercise at the same time, by using walking as your main mode of transportation.

In St. Lucia, a Celebration of Chocolate

Lucia making their own chocolate bars,” Ms.Lucia properties such as Boucan, a boutique hotel on a cocoa plantation owned by the British chocolate manufacturer Hotel Chocolat, offer cocoa-related activities regularly.

The Wonder Women of Botswana Safari

The Chobe guides require flexibility, however.Women tend to have children young in Botswana’s traditional culture, where generations of family typically live together in the same village.

Barbie doll bomb was to be used to blow up plane, Lebanese official says

A Barbie doll and a meat grinder each packed with explosives were the weapons of choice of the terror cell behind a foiled plot to blow up an Australian airliner, a Lebanese official said Monday.The United Arab Emirates' national airline said it is working with Australian police in the ongoing investigation.