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Sexual Coercion in the Workplace

ELLEN BRAVO, MILWAUKEEThe writer is the co-author of “The 9 to 5 Guide to Combating Sexual Harassment” and author of “Again and Again,” a novel about date rape.We have investigated churches and boardrooms for this kind of behavior, and yet we are just barely starting to pull back the curtain of sexual harassment and coercion in Hollywood.

Australia Debates: Does a Warming Planet Really Need More Coal?


Mick Derrick, center, a volunteer from the North Queensland Conservation Council, conducting a survey in Townsville, Queensland, about the proposed Adani coal mine.But if Australia agrees to subsidize the mine — even though several commercial banks have shunned it — the project would demonstrate the lasting allure and influence of the coal industry.

Would You Buy a Self-Driving Future From These Guys?

Musk envision a world where those cars would all but eliminate traffic accidents, unleash our productivity and allow the old and disabled to travel freely.Today, the agency is woefully unprepared to regulate self-driving cars, particularly at the scale proponents hope to see down the line.

The Secret Zen Master of Guitar Repair


A wall of pictures of customers of Richie’s Guitar Shop, including members of the Strokes and other downtown luminaries.If you are a new customer, you will be handed a single-spaced, double-sided sheet of paper titled “The Richie’s Guitar Shop Philosophy.

Why I Went to North Korea


Portraits of the founder of North Korea and his son hang on a building in the capital, Pyongyang.Getting a visa to North Korea is always tough, and my latest attempt involved long and delicate negotiations with North Korean diplomats — and with my wife.

The Rich, the Powerful and the Manhattan D.A.

, the Manhattan district attorney, was asked a few days ago if he deemed it appropriate for a prosecutor to take campaign money, as he does, from lawyers who have dealings with his office., who were investigated for possible fraud in the way they pitched a SoHo hotel and condo project to prospective buyers.