Ctrip day care center head detained - AFRICA

The person in charge of the Ctrip day care center was detained, and two senior company managers were suspended, Ctrip said in the email sent to its employees on Tuesday morning, a WeChat public account called AI Economic-Weekly reported.

The day care center under contract to Ctrip, a leading travel agency in Shanghai's Changning district, was suspended on Thursday after staff were caught on camera allegedly abusing toddlers.

Ctrip established the center in 2016, run by a third-party organization to help employees solve child care problems.

The company formed an internal investigative team to review the center's surveillance footage and deal with the people involved in the case.

The company organized physical examinations and psychological consultations for the children and parents involved, and 98 took the examination over the weekend.

Ctrip also helped its employees seek legal advice by contacting legal agencies, according to the email.

The email also said the woman, surnamed Zheng, who was the head of the center, was detained by police on Monday and charged with dereliction of duty.

Two senior managers of the company who were in charge of the day care center program- Shi Qi and Feng Weihua, former and present deputy director of human resources, have been ordered suspended for internal investigation, the email said.