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Luxury is something a large number of car manufacturers aspire to, it's also something many fail miserably at. The best luxury car makers in the business produce cars that are packed with futuristic technology, have exceptional quality interiors and provide mind blowing performance in a calm, wafty sort of a way. In short, the best luxury cars make it all seem effortlessly easy, the less competent efforts underline the fact that it isn’t.    

Even though luxury cars continue to be sold to affluent private buyers, a lot of models are bought for private hire purposes, or even to lease out for special occasions such as weddings. So while you may look jealousy at the latest Rolls-Royce as it pulls up next to you at the lights, rest assured that there’s a good chance the driver is simply doing their job, ferrying Mr and Mrs Honeymoon to the airport.

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The big factor with luxury cars is exactly how much luxury you get for your money. The best cars come with plush seats covered in soft leather, while even the seats in the back will come with electric adjustment and massaging functions. There will be legroom to spare and the kind of in-car entertainment that used to be the preserve of top-end recording studios, with high-end audio and visual systems that can be tailored to any requirement or need.

But that's not where a luxury car's talents needs to end. There are plenty of cars on sale that are just as good from behind the wheel. Whether it's ultimate refined comfort, sharp driving dynamics or unstoppable off-road ability, because the ultimate luxury cars aren't just offered in a saloon body style any more. Yes, there are some super-luxurious off-roaders on sale, while the sportiest models astound with their ability to transform from docile grand tourer to sharp track tool at the press of a button.

Whatever their ability, you'll usually find a car maker's cutting-edge technology on board their flagship luxury cars. Double glazed windows, noise canceling tech, autonomous driving tech and remote parking are the kind of features you'll find, while much of the tech seen in smaller models will have first appeared on a luxury car. But which models are best? We've rounded up our 10 favourites.

Top 10 luxury cars on sale

  1. 1. Mercedes S-Class
  2. 2. Range Rover
  3. 3. Rolls-Royce Phantom
  4. 4. Bentley Mulsanne
  5. 5. Porsche Panamera
  6. 6. BMW 7 Series
  7. 7. Audi A8
  8. 8. Bentley Bentayga
  9. 9. Jaguar XJ
  10. 10. Lexus LS

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