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Mahinour el-Masry, prominent activist, detained in Egypt over protest

CAIRO -- A rights lawyer says an Egyptian court has ordered a prominent activist to remain in custody pending trial on charges of participating in an illegal protest against the government's transfer of two strategic Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.Taher Aboelnasr says Mahinour el-Masry, a rights lawyer herself and notable activist from the country's 2011 uprising, and another defendant attended Saturday's trial in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

How great thou art[1]- Chinadaily.

Now, where the best of the equine world once produced their progeny, it is fine art that holds sway.They are from a private collection that has been pulled together over more than 20 years, bought at auctions and art fairs all over the world.

S. Korea postpones college exam after quake

The quake, the second most powerful recorded in the country, struck at a depth of 9 kilometers near the city of Pohang at around 2:30 pm, the Korea Meteorological Administration said.Seven people were injured, Seoul's public administration ministry said, but they warned that number could rise because the quake was shallow.

Trump's holiday gift is invasive airport security

(Photo: Jeff Topping, Getty Images)On the campaign trail last year, Donald Trump derided the Transportation Security Administration as a “total disaster.Shortly after Trump’s inauguration, TSA announced more "comprehensive" pat-down procedures which the Denver airport suggested might involve “more intimate contact than before.

Puerto Rico Mattered at the Latin Grammys. So Did Salsa.

The devastation in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria and across Latin America in recent months was very much in mind on Thursday.” Then came the Puerto Rican rapper Residente performing “Hijos del Cañaveral,” a song about his island’s strength and determination, with a throng of Puerto Rican musicians in front of a raised fist.

Same Oceans, Similar Prey, Two Very Different Necks

Their stout, well-insulated bodies seem like a much better choice for hunting in this unforgiving environment, while the slender, exposed necks of cormorants are like gloveless hands in January.CreditGiacomo Dell´OmoThe team mounted two accelerometers, which record movement, on each bird’s head and body.

Mugabe and Other Leftist Heroes


Robert Mugabe, center, in 2008, the year the University of Massachusetts decided to rescind his honorary degree.”The scale of Mugabe’s killing, estimated as high as 20,000, might not have been known to the good people of Amherst in 1986: Mass graves would continue to be unearthed for years afterward.