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New Zealand’s Leader, Jacinda Ardern, Says She Is Pregnant


Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand and her partner, Clarke Gayford, spoke with reporters on Friday after she announced that she was pregnant.Credit
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WELLINGTON, New Zealand — Jacinda Ardern, who became New Zealand’s prime minister in October, attracted international attention when she denounced television interviewers who had asked whether she planned to have children if elected.

Shutdown? It Could Be Forgotten in a Trumpian Flash


These Factions in Congress, Split Over ‘Dreamers,’ Could Lead to Government Shutdown

A deal to avoid closing the federal government hinges on Senate Democrats, and some Republicans, who want to include protections for young undocumented immigrants.Continue reading the main story

If voters had forgotten the shutdown months later in 2013, they may forget it even more quickly in 2018.

Travel Ban Caught Homeland Security by Surprise, Report Concludes


The implementation of President Trump’s first travel ban drew hundreds of protesters to Kennedy International Airport in New York last January.At a Senate hearing on Tuesday, Kirstjen Nielsen, the Homeland Security secretary, denied that the report was delayed because it negatively portrayed how the administration handled the first travel ban.

Syria Is Now Mr. Trump’s War

We know President Trump’s plan not because he asked Congress for authorization and funding for a continuing troop presence in Syria.“The United States will maintain a military presence in Syria focused on ensuring ISIS cannot re-emerge,” he said.

Gifted and Talented and Complicated


Lis Xu

OFF THE CHARTS The Hidden Lives and Lessons of American Child Prodigies By Ann Hulbert Illustrated.“After all, no matter how richly collaborative a bond children forge with grown-up guides, some version of divorce is inevitable,” Hulbert writes.

Dorothy Malone Dies at 93; Star of TV’s ‘Peyton Place

Dorothy Malone, the sultry blond actress who won an Academy Award for playing an unapologetically bad girl in “Written on the Wind” and found television stardom as a repentant one on “Peyton Place,” died on Friday in Dallas.The cast of the TV series "Peyton Place": Front, from left, Tim O'Connor, Mia Farrow and Ryan O'Neal.