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East Side, West Side: Lighting the Way, Darkly


From left, Emily Hoffman, Maggie Cloud and Justin Hyacinth performing in “Moon Fate Sin” by Gillian Walsh at Danspace Project.The setting for the other, Gillian Walsh’s “Moon Fate Sin,” at Danspace Project in the East Village (co-presented by Performa 17), is light but misty.

What Christian Artifacts of the Middle East Can Show Us About Tolerance

It has opened at a grave time for Christians in the Middle East, who have faced appalling violence and even enslavement at the hands of the Islamic State.And it steps into a roiling debate in France, where right-wing politicians, especially, have deplored the plight of Christians in the Middle East — though not always with humanitarian motives.

Modern Love Turns 13, After 670 Columns and 99 Podcasts

What happened next became the subject of one of the most popular essays in the Modern Love column’s 13-year history.When the Modern Love column began in 2004, however, the definition of “modern” was arguably different: Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat did not exist, and so the daily deluge of public confessionals was still to come.

Let’s Restart the Adoption Movement

”Many people are anxious about adoption, although the source of those anxieties has changed over the decades.But today the most common concerns about adoption have shifted from cultural worries to financial and logistical ones.

Time to Put the Garden to Bed?

Vanchiswar began her career in molecular biology, and she addresses the garden in fall with a scientific rigor and exactitude.“In winter,” she said, “it’s more about the architecture and the light effects in the garden.

Jeremy Hutchinson, a Top Lawyer in High-Profile Cases, Dies at 102

Many of the cases he handled as a lawyer were seen as landmarks in Britain’s transition to a more open and tolerant society.Credit
Dennis Oulds/Central Press, via Getty Images

LONDON — Jeremy Hutchinson, a British barrister whose sometimes theatrical courtroom tactics and rhetorical panache secured victories that helped reshape society’s attitudes toward obscenity, secrecy and sexual manners, died on Monday.

Days of Shrugging Off Sexual Misconduct at the Capitol May Be Over

But the days when such actions are dismissed out of hand and escape scrutiny may be coming to an end.“We are at a watershed moment,” Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, the Democratic leader, declared Thursday, calling on Congress to overhaul its fairly toothless internal process for dealing with sexual harassment.

Last-Minute Buys for Thanksgiving Wines

Plenty of wines will go beautifully with your holiday table, but Beaujolais is perhaps the ultimate all-purpose wine.For Thanksgiving, the best last-minute, all-purpose whites are from the Mâconnais region, which, like Beaujolais, is on the periphery of Burgundy.