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Opinion | When Terror Came to Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is going through an identity crisis.Now that it has succeeded beyond all expectations, many complain — perhaps rightly, but not always peacefully — that mass tourism is killing the city’s soul.

What We Know About the Attacks in Spain

Two more people were detained on Friday in connection with the attacks, which killed and wounded people from at least 34 countries.While the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack, the authorities have not yet confirmed the group’s involvement.

Today’s Paper - The New York Times

Steve Bannon, Back on the Outside, Prepares His Enemies ListWith his ouster from the White House, Stephen K.The VictimsIn Terror Attacks in Spain, a Global Community of VictimsThe dead and injured represented 34 nationalities, including a Belgian mother, an Italian father and an American.

Spain, a Leader in Foiling Attacks, Falls Victim to One Anyway

For more than a decade, Spain seemed immune to the steady eruptions of Islamist violence that rocked other European countries where radicalized young men, often from poor immigrant backgrounds, carried out devastating bomb, gun or vehicular attacks.Spain’s security forces carved out a reputation as some of Europe’s most dogged counterterrorism operators, fighting an intense battle beneath a deceptively placid surface in a country whose long Mediterranean coastline, just across from Morocco, makes it an inviting entry point into Europe for jihadists.

Spain Looking for Moroccan Man in Barcelona Attack Investigation

The counterterrorism expert said the police had recovered around 100 gas canisters from the property, a number that he found bewilderingly high.The Islamic State militant group, which quickly claimed responsibility for the attack in Barcelona on Thursday, said that it had been behind the deadly events in Cambrils, as well.

Barcelona Attack Suspects Had Ties to Imam Linked to ISIS

Instead, there appears to have been a concerted effort through personal contact — although internet resources seem to also have been used eventually — to radicalize the young men.The young men all knew one another — to varying degrees — and most had attended the same middle school and high school.

Opinion | Barcelona Dares to Stay Open

Junts pel Si and Barcelona en Comú don’t always see eye to eye, but they tend to stand strong against Mr.These policies have been widely criticized for threatening freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, as well as enabling racial profiling.