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Disney World's already celebrating the holidays

Video provided by USA TodayYou might associate Florida's Walt Disney World with summer vacation getaways.When Santa meets Mickey, it's a frenzy of activity that supersizes the theme park experience.

Disney World luxury: 7 experiences you won't forget

(CNN) — If you're a Disney fan, you've done your share of spinning teacup rides, Dumbo flights and Haunted Mansion tours at Walt Disney World in Orlando.It's one way to squeeze a heck of a lot into your day while learning loads about Disney.

Why Disney staffers reportedly point with two fingers

Take, for example, the fact that Disney park employees are banned from ever pointing with just their index finger.More from Travel + Leisure:

Sure, it may seem like a minute detail, but as it turns out there are two distinct conspiracy theories on why park employees are mandated to do the “double Disney point,” including Walt Disney’s smoking habits and simply being polite.