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Opinion | The Rush to Develop Oil and Gas We Don’t Need

The Trump administration has also directed federal agencies to identify all impediments to oil and gas production — impediments that presumably include environmental reviews of energy projects.That is likely to mean fewer safeguards for the environment and fewer acres for purposes other than energy production.

Mapping the Devastation of Harvey in Houston

Pounding rains and rapidly rising floodwaters caused by Hurricane Harvey inundated the city of Houston, a metropolitan area of 6.The storm made landfall late Friday as a Category 4 hurricane and has dropped record levels of rain on the city.

U.S. Desire for North Korea Oil Cutoff Puts China in a Tight Spot

Xi has been willing to impose some minor restrictions on China’s energy supplies to North Korea, he has shown no signs of curbing the vital crude oil that keeps the North afloat.How much crude China sends through the Friendship Pipeline — which starts in Dandong, a trading hub in northeastern China, and travels under the Yalu River into North Korea — is not precisely known.