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Dream Chaser Space Plane Aces Glide Test


The crewless Dream Chaser lands at Edwards Air Force Base in California on Saturday after a successful test flight.Credit
NASA/Sierra Nevada Corporation

If you miss NASA’s space shuttles, you might like the Dream Chaser.

"Beyond A Year in Space" Airs Wednesday on PBS

The sequel to TIME and PBS’s Emmy-award winning documentary, “A Year in Space” airs at 9:00pm EST on PBS stations.The second installment, “Beyond A Year in Space” traces the steps of human spaceflight from the first animals sent into space to Scott Kelly’s historic flight, and into the future of humanity finding its place in the cosmos.

China aims to be world-leading space power by 2045 - USA

The heavy-lift carrier rocket Long March 5 blasts off Nov 3, 2016 at Wenchang Space Launch Center in South China's Hainan province.[Photo/Xinhua]
China plans to grow into a global leader in space technology by 2045, according to a route map drawn up by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, the major contractor of the country's space programs.