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On DACA, President Trump Has No Easy Path

Bannon, who believe that nothing short of a complete and immediate shutdown of the program will fulfill the president’s campaign pledges.They have warned the president that immediate action is required to head off the lawsuits against the program brought by a group of red state attorneys general.

Congress Returns to a Busy Schedule. What’s on the Agenda?

WASHINGTON — When Congress returns to Washington after the August recess, an unusually heavy workload greets lawmakers, dominated at first by the need to keep the nation’s fiscal house in order.One possible wrinkle: The Trump administration wants the hurricane aid tied to an increase in the federal debt limit, a move House conservatives oppose.

Fake Russian Facebook Accounts Bought $100,000 in Political Ads

In its review of election-related advertising, Facebook said it had also found an additional 2,200 ads, costing $50,000, that had less certain indications of a Russian connection.Some of those ads, for instance, were purchased by Facebook accounts with internet protocol addresses that appeared to be in the United States but with the language set to Russian.

20 Years of Covering Checks and Balances

Back then, the Capitol’s august press gallery above the Senate chamber was jam-packed with reporters.Then came the long eclipse: the decline of the mid-size, then major daily newspapers, and with them, the twilight of the congressional reporter.

Opinion | The Way to Make North Korea Back Down

Even now, despite solid American support for the South, North Korea is able to pressure Seoul into selective censorship.Whether North Korea can induce Washington to abandon Seoul or embrace a nuclear North Korea, the security of the rich, risk-averse South will be increasingly compromised either way.

Work Toward Bipartisan Fix for Health Markets Begins in Senate

The seven-year Republican push to repeal the Affordable Care Act appeared to reach a dead end this summer when multiple versions of repeal legislation failed to gain even a simple majority in the Senate.Lawmakers in both parties said Congress would have to get back to a more orderly approach to making health care policy, and Wednesday’s hearing was a start.