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Severe Turbulence on an American Airlines Flight Left 10 Injured

At least 10 people were injured as a result of severe turbulence on an American Airlines flight from Greece to Philadelphia over the weekend.As Flight 759 approached Philadelphia International Airport on Saturday, it encountered severe turbulence that injured seven crew members and three passengers, USA Today reports, though the fasten-seatbelt signs were illuminated at the time.

Unwavering Donald Trump voters say they will not miss Steve Bannon

In interviews in multiple cities this weekend, Americans who voted for Trump said Bannon’s departure on Friday was the removal of an unnecessary distraction for the Trump presidency, while others saw his role as largely inconsequential and possibly overblown.Before hitching himself to Trump, Bannon was the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a hard-right site.

Typhoon Hits Hong Kong, Flooding Streets and Halting Trade

Severe Typhoon Hato lashed Hong Kong Wednesday leaving flights grounded and trade at a temporary standstill at one of the world's leading stock exchanges.10 in five years — the city's maximum category warning — as average wind speeds above 73 mph were expected, according to the Hong Kong Observatory.

President Trump's DACA Decision

Republicans have long contended that DACA amounted to an unconstitutional end-run around the legislative branch, but House Speaker Paul Ryan and other top lawmakers are now asking Trump to hold off so Congress can take action to protect those covered by DACA.In the Oval Office Friday afternoon, asked whether DREAMers should be worried, Trump told reporters, “We love the DREAMers.