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Uber Board Picks Expedia's Dara Khosrowshahi as New CEO

The Uber board of directors has been meeting daily and deliberated on its pick for CEO throughout the weekend.A spokeswoman said on Sunday that the board had voted but was declining to disclose its choice publicly until after informing employees.

6 Amazing Trips You Need to Take Before the End of the Year

But go a little earlier and you’ll find that these days, the South Florida art world is in full swing, full time.If that feels like a lot to take in, consider this: The brand-new Frost Museum of Science has an exhibit dedicated to the science of looking.

North Korea Launches Ballistic Missile Over Japan

(SEOUL, South Korea) — In a first, North Korea on Tuesday fired a ballistic missile designed to carry a nuclear payload that flew over Japan and splashed into the northern Pacific Ocean, officials said.The aggressive missile launch — likely the longest ever from North Korea — over the territory of a close U.

Americans Leave North Korea Before U.S. Travel Ban

The Trump administration announced in July that it was barring American citizens from traveling to North Korea from Sept.Overall, though nearly all Americans who have gone to North Korea have left without incident, at least 16 have been detained in the last decade, American officials say.

A Lawsuit Over Trump's First Travel Ban Has Been Settled

during President Donald Trump's first attempt to ban travel from seven Muslim-majority nations will get government help reapplying for visas under a lawsuit settlement reached Thursday.Civil rights lawyers and the Trump administration announced the deal during a conference call in federal court in Brooklyn, one scene of the legal battle over the treatment of hundreds of travelers who were processed at U.

One Crucial Item to Pack the Next You Fly

“I don’t find traveling long distances very hard at all,” he says, but Bompas is a laissez-faire frequent flyer.I will literally [choose to] fly Asian airlines, because of their curried food or very, very heavily spiced food.

President Trump's DACA Decision

Republicans have long contended that DACA amounted to an unconstitutional end-run around the legislative branch, but House Speaker Paul Ryan and other top lawmakers are now asking Trump to hold off so Congress can take action to protect those covered by DACA.In the Oval Office Friday afternoon, asked whether DREAMers should be worried, Trump told reporters, “We love the DREAMers.

This Startup Wants To Bring Back Travel Agents

But over the past 15 years or so, do-it-yourself websites like Orbitz and Airbnb have empowered vacationers to pick their own accommodations, making travel agents increasingly, has co-founded a new travel startup called Lola, which provides on-demand access to a team of travel agents supported by artificial intelligence software.

Wildfires Across U.S. West Force Evacuation of Thousands

Jerry Brown did the same on the state level for Los Angeles County after the wildfire destroyed three homes and threatened hillside neighborhoods.Authorities were able to cancel the evacuation orders that had been issued for three cities — Los Angeles, Burbank and Glendale — and allow all of the 1,400 people who had fled to return to their homes.