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We Flew a Plane to Go See the Solar Eclipse

Over the weekend, millions of Americans crowded into the narrow celestial interstate from Oregon to South Carolina known as the "path of totality," where a total solar eclipse appeared briefly on Monday., it would have been about an eight-hour drive one way to get to the closest point along that path.

When Is the Next Eclipse?

After the excitement of the Great American Eclipse, there’s a long wait until the next total solar eclipse.Bariloche in Argentina is only just south of the track, and a hugely attractive place to visit, eclipse or no eclipse.

Craigslist user seeking woman to conceive a child with him during eclipse

Most people post ads to Craigslist looking for a roommate or maybe a job, but one enterprising gentleman from California was seeking to inpregnate a fellow eclipse enthusiast.According to an ad that appeared earlier this month in Craigslist’s “activity partners” section, a 40-year-old man from the San Francisco Bay Area is looking for a “woman who wants to conceive a child” with him during Monday’s total solar eclipse.