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The time has come to privatize JFK Airport

As the airport aged, the terminals and supporting infrastructure were left neglected, and deteriorated to today’s dilapidated conditions.Mega airports sprouted up in Dubai, Hong Kong and Beijing, all while the Port Authority applied only duct tape to JFK.

FAA Investigates Why JFK Airport Was Crippled by Snowstorm

The Federal Aviation Administration is probing the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey’s actions during the storm Jan.The investigation will determine “if the Port Authority was in compliance with federal aviation regulations which require prompt and timely removal of snow from all aircraft movement areas,” the agency said.

Angry JFK passengers are still missing their luggage

Some airline customers are still missing their luggage nearly two weeks after JFK descended into chaos — and one man is so frustrated that he has kept up a several-day-long Twitter war with Delta.“I called in and they said that my bag would get delivered to BDL for me,” he tweeted to Delta.