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6 Last-minute Labor Day Trips You Can Book Today

In fact, there are a number of Labor Day trips you can book today for a great price.Great for groups or under-the-radar destinations, travelers can still book vacation rentals for Labor Day weekend today.

Last-Minute Labor Day Weekends Worth the Splurge

Last-Minute Labor Day Weekends Worth the Splurge© The Leading Hotels of the WorldCasa Del Mar—Santa Monica, California© Knob Hill Inn/YelpKnob Hill Inn—Sun Valley, Idaho© Beall + Thomas PhotographyBlackberry Farm, Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee© Jerry C./YelpWinterlake/ Tutka Bay Lodge—Anchorage, Alaska© San Ysidro RanchSan Ysidro Ranch—Santa Barbara, California© Cayo EspantoCayo Espanto—Belize© Antonia A.

7 Movies to Watch This Labor Day Weekend

If you’re lucky enough to have time off this Labor Day weekend, put in a few extra hours with a movie or two about the workplace.Whether they are set in cube farms or factories, the stories of workers’ struggles and triumphs will always have a place in the movies.

Labor Day Weekend Gas Prices Spike After Hurricane Harvey

Travelers and fuel suppliers across the United States braced for higher prices and shortages ahead of the Labor Day holiday weekend as the country's biggest fuel pipelines and refineries curb operations after Hurricane Harvey.Some of it is unfinished, meaning it needs to be blended before it can go to gas stations.