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China Steps Up Policing of Multinationals Over Sovereignty

The Cyber Administration Office in Shanghai on Friday said Zara listed Taiwan, an island that China claims as its own, as a separate country on its website.On the same day, China’s Civil Aviation Administration summoned executives of Delta as the carrier on its website listed Taiwan and Tibet, located in western China, as nations.

Mr. Amazon Steps Out - The New York Times

“People are starting to get scared of Amazon,” said Steve Case, a co-founder of America Online, who recently started an investment fund focused on start-ups in underserved areas, with Mr.Four years ago, he bought The Washington Post for $250 million, jump-starting a renaissance of the paper.

Child rights body steps in: Report on fire safety at all schools by March

The commission has also asked the Directorate of Education to rectify a loophole that allowed schools — which shifted into new buildings — to avoid fire safety clearances if they existed before 2011.In 2011, a circular by the Delhi government stipulated fire and safety provisions in school buildings.