2018's Luxury Travel Trends and Destinations

2018's Luxury Travel Trends and Destinations © Flickr PHOTO: Antarctica is one of the most popular destinations according to a recent Virtuoso poll. (photo via Flickr/Andreas Kambanis)

Luxury travelers are seeking off-the-beaten-path experiences—far, far off the beaten track—with requests for everything from herding cattle in Australia to space flights aboard a MiG-29 in Russia, according to Virtuoso’s 2018 Luxe Report.

The international luxury travel network surveys its travel advisors each year for predictions and trends in the luxury market.

Among the highlights for travel next year is a focus on far-flung destinations along with strong demand for international trips of two weeks or more.

Conversely, advisors are also seeing more interest in shorter international vacations like trips to Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands of less than a week.

Among the top takeaways in the report are Virtuoso advisors’ five must-do trips for 2018:

—Seasoned travelers looking for new destinations are opting for chillier climates including Iceland, Antarctica and the Arctic, and Alaska cruises.

—Exploring new destinations is a major motivation for travel next year.

—Multigenerational travel topped Virtuoso’s list of travel trends in 2010 and is now a firmly entrenched travel niche. It’s followed closely for next year by travel with the immediate family.

—Africa is making an especially strong showing for 2018. Safari is a major allure, especially since wildlife preservation is a concern for many travelers today.

—Being a traveler, rather than a tourist, is a powerful travel style today for consumers looking for culturally-immersive experiences. Whether it’s meeting the locals, wandering neighborhoods on their own or learning traditional crafts, travelers want experiences they can’t find in a guidebook.

The Luxe Report’s other findings include:

Top Travel Trends

—Multigenerational travel

—Active or adventure trips

—River cruising

—Food and wine travel

—Celebration travel

Top Global Destinations



—South Africa


—Australia and New Zealand (tie)

Top U.S. Destinations

—New York, New York

—Maui, Hawaii

—Miami, South Beach, Florida

—Las Vegas, Nevada

—Napa Valley/Sonoma, California

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