The world's most punctual airlines revealed

Right on time

We’ve all been on a delayed flight at least once during our travels. And whether it’s a 30-minute late arrival or a four-hour delay, there’s something infinitely frustrating about being late. If you’re keen to get where you’re going on time, fly with one of these top 20 most punctual airlines for 2018. Stats are based on the latest OAG punctuality league report.

20. Volaris

With an 82% on-time performance (OTP), Mexican airline Volaris comes in at number 20 on this ranking of the most punctual airlines in the world.

19. Austrian Airlines

The Austrian national carrier is ranked the 19th most punctual airline, with an 82% OTP. The carrier flies worldwide to 107 destinations in 56 countries.

18. Aegean Airlines

The largest Greek airline, Aegean also had an 82% OTP rate. Flying out of Greece, it travels as far as Canada, the Middle East and Singapore.

17. Alitalia

The Italian national carrier made headlines in 2017 when it filed for bankruptcy for the second time in less than a decade. Despite its money troubles, the airline has an impressive OTP of 82%, giving it 17th spot on the global ranking.

16. Delta Air Lines

Prolific American carrier Delta flies to more than 300 destinations in 60 countries, including the USA, UK and Japan. The airline has an OTP rate of 82%. In 2017, Delta was named fourth worst airline for customer complaints.

15. Qatar Airways

The world has been watching Qatar since it won the bid for the 2022 FA World Cup and it hasn’t all been good news. But its national airline, based in Doha, is making the headlines for good reasons: it sits at 15th in this list with an almost 83% OTP rate.

14. All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways is the largest airline in Japan, despite not being the national carrier. The Japanese are known for their punctuality, with trains in the capital Tokyo famously on time, so it might come as a surprise to some that the airline only has an 83% OTP rate.

12. Azul

This Brazilian airline is based in São Paulo, the country’s second city. It has an OTP rate of 84% and is a brand new entrant in this ranking for 2018.

11. Transavia

Covering vast amounts of Europe and some of North Africa, this Dutch low-cost airline has a brilliant OTP rate of 84%.

10. Aer Lingus

At number 10 Aer Lingus has an 84% OTP rate. The Irish airline flies to 93 destinations, from the UK to the Canary Islands and more.

9. Skymark Airlines

Another Japanese airline, this time operating services within Japan, Skymark has an OPT rate of 85%, but operates a small fleet of just 26 jets.

8. Jetstar Asia

Another Singapore-based carrier, Jetstar covers much of Asia and a few destinations in Australasia, including Australia and New Zealand. The airline has an OTP rate of 85% and was recently ranked 13th best budget airline in the world.

7. Vueling Airlines

Low-cost Spanish airline Vueling is based in Barcelona, Spain’s second city, and has an OTP rate of 85%.

6. Japan Airlines

Leading the way for Japanese airlines, the country’s national carrier has an OTP rate of 85%. Japan Airlines flies all over the world, including destinations like the Maldives, Indonesia, and even regional airports in the UK.

5. Qantas Airways

Australian airline Qantas is famous for running the world’s longest direct passenger flight in the world – the route between London and Perth in Western Australia. The airline has an OTP rate of 86%.

4. Copa Airlines

The national airline of Panama, Copa has an OTP rate of 86%. It flies to destinations in North, South and Central America and the Caribbean.

3. Hawaiian Airlines

The colorful purple and pink-tailed planes belonging to Hawaiian Airlines are the third most punctual in the world. The airline has an OTP rate of 87%.

2. Hong Kong Airlines

In second place is Hong Kong Airlines, with an OTP rate of 88%. The carrier serves much of China, as well as southeast Asia, India, the UK and USA.

1. airBaltic

The most punctual airline in the world is airBaltic with an OTP rate of 90%. The airline is a state-owned carrier in Latvia flying to more than 60 destinations across Europe.

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