Five Places to Learn to Make Gelato in Italy

What’s more pleasurable on a vacation to Italy than enjoying a scoop or two of gelato?These classes are usually between two and four hours long, held either at cooking schools or gelato shops and are a family-friendly activity.

In Downtown Los Angeles, the Return of the Movie Palace

Along the walls of The Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is a pair of murals, painted in 1927 when the space was known as the United Artists Theatre, depicting members of Hollywood’s creative class in heaven and studio heads as demons.A century ago, downtown Los Angeles was the center of the city’s entertainment, with movie and vaudeville theaters seemingly on every block.

Belgrade’s floating river clubs

Anchored on the banks of Belgrade’s rivers, around 300 rafts (called splavs or splavovi) lined the waterways – a mix of restaurants, bars and clubs.“The river is our seaside,” said long-time Belgrade resident Ilija Duni.

How Kids’ Sports Became a $15 Billion Industry

Practice and tournaments overtake nights and weekends like kudzu--Sanchez says they often have to skip family weddings and kids' birthday parties., the rise in travel teams has led to the kind of facilities arms race once reserved for big colleges and the pros.

The way we board planes could actually be spreading diseases

And separate from the cleanliness of the cabin, transportation networks have been tied to the spread of infectious diseases.But there are ways to minimize the risks, and a new study by researchers at Arizona State University suggests that how airlines board passengers could make a big impact.

United pilot freaks out passengers with 'horrific' tornado warning

The pilot of a Newark-bound United flight delivered a chilling warning that kicked up a storm among his terrified passengers, according to a report.He announced that the flight — which had already been delayed in Chicago two hours on Tuesday — would encounter terrible storms, including twisters, passengers told NJ.

'Fixer Upper' couple's Magnolia House rental books 6 months in 7 minutes

Chip and Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s wildly popular home improvement show “Fixer Upper,” just put their first vacation rental, The Magnolia House, on the market to accept reservations for January through June of next year.Available spots for the rustic-chic farmhouse were all booked up within the first seven minutes (last year rental dates were sold out within five minutes).

USC graduate student's decomposing body found in dorm room

CBS Los Angeles reports a cleaning crew found 24-year-old Jacob Kelley's decomposing body Thursday inside a dorm at Seaver Residence Hall after a maintenance person detected a foul smell.He was found lying clothed but shoeless on his bed and the room was neat.

How addiction causes "hundreds of changes" in the brain

The cover story of September's National Geographic looks into the science of addiction and its impact on the brain's pathways.The article's author, Fran Smith, writes, "Addiction remolds neural circuits to assign supreme value to cocaine or heroin or gin at the expense of other interests such as health, work, family or life itself.

Trump administration imposes sanctions on Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela -- The Trump administration on Friday slapped sweeping financial sanctions on Venezuela, barring banks from any new financial deals with the government or state-run oil giant PDVSA.The actions prohibit dealings in new debt and equity issued by the government of Venezuela and its state oil company.

Why are there so many NYC restaurants in Miami?

(CNN) —Miami's food scene may conjure images of stone crabs, croquetas and tostada Cubanas, but these days the New York influence is just as heavy.The next wave came in 2001, with the openings of Nobu and Sushisamba in Miami Beach.

13 reasons to visit Curaçao right now

Here are 13 of the most fun things to do there:It's often described as a mini-Amsterdam, but Curaçao's capital packs its own Euro-Caribbean punch.But we're celebrating the whole year," says Marcel Dennert, managing director of Stichting Monumentenzorg, Curaçao's monuments foundation.

Barista turns coffee into beautiful works of art

Video by David Hawley, edited by Diana Diroy, CNN • Updated 25th August 2017Using colored icing -- a technique he calls "cream art" -- Lee transforms regular cups of coffee into incredible works of art.But no matter the design, Lee says it's important that his works of art can actually be consumed.

Photo tour: The intimacy of Windstar Cruises' Star Pride

Our latest Cruise Ship Tour, in the carousel above, looks at a vessel that clearly will appeal to those in the latter category: Windstar Cruises' 212-passenger Star Pride.And as can be seen in the tour, it offers an unusually intimate and uncrowded environment for an exploration by sea.